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Don't Run With Scissors 
Run with Great Ideas

Cutting Edge Observations, Brought to Life.

This is my Portfolio page with my Props and Art Department experience thus far, all done through sight, with feeling.  

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Artist Statement

Aspiring to Inspire

My creative interests are wide-ranging and done with enthusiasm. I love coming up with ideas and running with them, even better bringing them to life for everyone to see and enjoy. All in the service of story.

From a young age I’ve been fascinated with crafting and creating things, from making toast monsters in the kitchen, to creating yarn traps in the hallway. My interests and skills have grown over the years, I now enjoy working with tools, and different media to create what is needed for the story. I’m always looking to learn new things, and to grow my skills, to meet new challenges.   

I  love working with writers and directors to bring their vision to life in the physical sense through Art Direction. To be able to come up with ideas from the script, seeing a new world in your mind’s eye and then collaborating with the director to bring it to life in the physical sense, is thrilling for me. I enjoy coming up with concepts and working with the director to narrow down the final vision. I love working with tangible objects that will help tell a story and draw out a character. I also enjoy transforming places with set dressing, to take what is already there and change it to what it needs to be for the story.

In short, I attack every job that I do, with enthusiasm, a good attitude, cheerfulness for collaboration and dedicated hard work. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

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